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Sac City Computer Hub is not your typical computer store. From the moment you step in our store you will notice that we have paid great attention to detail in creating an atmosphere that is welcoming and comfortable. We are dedicated to enhancing every aspect of the customer experience, from your initial visit to long after you have purchased your computer from us.

We have carefully acquired some of the finest selections of pre-owned / corporate off-lease computers. May it be an Apple / Mac computer to PC user, each computer is carefully inspected and serviced to ensure that it meets our highest standards. We are pleased to offer our clientele the best computer’s available at the very best prices. We also provide top caliber computer service at exceptionally reasonable rates. You will find that the overall quality and value you receive is the best around.

Sac City Computer Hub is family owned and operated. We pride ourselves on building long lasting relationships based on trust, loyalty and respect. We are passionate about our business and about life and we believe that shines through in everything we do at our store. We invite you to come explore the variety of computer’s we have thoughtfully selected for our inventory. We look forward to you becoming the next valued member of the Sac City Computer Hub family.

Laptop or Desktop Computer Repair Services:

Sac City Computer Hub focuses on providing comprehensive computer repair services without all the "geek speak".

We provide FREE Computer diagnostics.

Once we show you what we find, we will provide you with the best solution to fix your entire system. If you like what you hear, hire us.
We'll provide a personalized computer repair experience that you won't find anywhere else. Count on us to get your computer running like its old self with our comprehensive computer repair service that includes:

Motherboard Reflow Service 
Computer Repair & Tech Support Services
Advanced Diagnositics / Repair / Troubleshooting
Setup / Installation
System Security Testing
Wired / Wireless Networking issues
Hardware Installation
Software Upgrades and Installation
Anti-Virus Installation and/or Virus,Spyware & Malware Removal
Motherboard and Graphic Card Replacement
LCD replacement or repair
Component Upgrades (RAM, Graphics, Rom Drives, etc...)
AC jack repair
and much more. . .. . .


Motherboard reflow and repair service:

Ever have one of those days when you push the power button on your laptop (Mac or PC) the lights and fans come on for a second but nothing appears on the display/screen, then it shut off by itself?

If your laptop has symptoms of one or more of the following problems listed below you will likely need to reflow the entire motherboard and/or graphics chip (GPU).

• No video showing on LCD.
• Lines or grains showing on video.
• Video on external monitor only.
• Laptop comes on for a second then turns off and stays off.
• Wireless connectivity problems or wireless not detecting by motherboard.
• Laptop has power and turns on but no display appears on screen.
• Laptop sometimes turns on but most of time does not.
• Laptop running too hot and shuts down by itself.

The source of these issues lies in the BGA (Ball Grid Array) chips on the motherboard which have developed incomplete or faulty solder connections with the rest of the laptop's motherboard. Over the course of time when using your laptop, thermal stresses and flexing from the day-to-day handling and operation of your laptop can cause these faults to develop.

Repair of this issue requires the use of specialized tools, including BGA reworking stations and/or laser microwelding utilize an IR reflow station to repair the faults in these laptop motherboards. Technical process is not as easy that any technician can do. IT takes the right machines and tools to reflow a motherboard with EXPERIENCE.

Cost and what is included with reflow service is:

Flat fee of $120.00 for PC products and $160.00 for Apple products.

*Run full diagnostics (post code reading) first to make sure you do need to reflow the motherboard.
*Taking apart entire components of the laptop and removing the motherboard. 

*Reflow necessary component process.   

(Motherboard lead-based eutectic solder melts at 183°C and achieves full liquidus at 210°C, where effective intermetallic transfer and a good solder result occurs.)

*Reassemble entire laptop (I will also apply new thermal grease on CPU for FREE).
*Final diagnostic check to make sure it functions properly.
*Tune up laptop (IF applicable) for FREE.
*Completion within 4 days or less.

*Guaranteed……. NO fix NO pay.

You know how much a brand new laptop are these days. Why pay for a new one IF yours can be repaired?
Contact us today for questions or to get started!


Best deals on used computers (PC or Mac) in stock:

Committed to bring you the best deals on used laptop and desktop computers. Our computers are NOT low quality but only the best.

Our purchasing power with our vendors has allowed us to offer bids on large surplus of off-lease used computers and various electronic's therefore being able to pass these deals to the public and offer best quality used computers at affordable prices.

 Major brands that we carry are:

Apple / Mac




Panasonic Toughbook
and much more.... 

Customer satisfaction and service is our priority and most of our clients are repeat customers and/or referrals therefore customer satisfaction is a great importance to us. All computers we sell carry our quality 30 day warranty and lifetime tech support.

Every computer sold are individually tested three times to insure its full functionality. If your looking for a custom desktop or laptop computer, email or call us and we can custom build or special order any computer for you.



Feel free to stop by our shop which is located in Sacramento midtown downtown area two buildings down from Starbucks.

Sac City Computer Hub  

2612 J Street - Unit #8 - Second Floor Level (between 26th and J Street)
Sacramento, CA 95816
Phone:   916-441-1880
Business hours:   Monday to Saturday 10AM to 6PM