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Quotes My laptop would not connect to the Internet. The manufacturer's tech people were not helpful. They had me send them the laptop, then they said that it would cost over $200 despite my having an extended warranty. They said their was damage (which Ed and I were not able to see.) I refused to pay the $200. When I got the laptop back, I took it to Ed. He showed me something quick that let me get back on the Internet. No charge. He could have said "I'll run a complete diagnostic" and I would have whipped out my checkbook. I strongly recommend him. Quotes
Harry M.
Sacramento, CA

Quotes After a quick consulation about what was wrong with my 2 laptops (Mac and PC) Ed was able to fix the problem and get it back to me within 24 hours which was perfect since I take online classes and can't go more than a day or 2 without a computer. Ed's a really nice guy who knows a lot about computers (and real estate too!) and you can't go wrong with his prices. I'll definitely be referring all of my friends his way for any computer problems. Quotes
Dez B.
Concord, CA

Quotes This business is awesome not just, because they are my neighbors, but because I trust Ed to handle the machines that allow my business to survive and thrive. If you need repair work to be done on your computer (Mac or PC) Ed can offer a quick and honest evaluation and the best prices in town. Support this business. We need good tech repair in Midtown! Quotes
Melanie W.
Sacramento, CA (business owner)

Quotes Competent, knowledgeable, timely, up-to-date, reasonably priced. The service I received from Mr. Barnes was exemplary. I have dealt with other similar businesses in the past, Sac City Computer Hub provided a quality of service that was personalized to my problem and had several options for a solution. I was extremely pleased with the restoration of my motherboard, hardware and drives after my tower was damaged in shipping. I highly recommend this shop for repairs, customization, maintenance and upgrades. I called three other shops listed on yelp with good ratings and they all declined to even look at my system after I described the damage. My future business will go directly to Sac City Computer Hub! Quotes
Merris H.
Des Moines, IA

Quotes Ed was a life saver. My MacBook Pro was freezing up and he diagnosed it for free and fixed it within24 hours. And it was for less then $200!!! He is honest, and very fair. Would highly recommend him. Quotes
Jessica P.
Sacramento, CA
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