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Quotes I've been in the store a couple times to ask questions about upgrades and changing over to a Mac. Every time Ed has taken his time to give me his honest opinion. I went in earlier this week again to look at purchasing one of his computers. When I explained my situation, Ed told me he might be able to fix my laptop and give me a windows 2007 shell (windows 08 sucks). Ed not only helped me with this but much more with my laptop to get it running smoothly, and all under $150 (using yelp discount). I'm hoping to be getting a desktop soon, and this is the only place I'm going. I appreciate Ed's honesty and knowledge! Quotes
Amanda H. (Sacramento, CA)

Quotes My poor MacBook screen shattered and I called all over. Most places weren't too helpful or quoted sky high prices. Ed took a look and have me a call back the same day with discounted rates for parts. He is so knowledgable and fixed my computer right away. I would recommend him to anyone. Quotes
JoJo R. (Sacramento, CA)

Quotes New to the area and needed a laptop for personal use for my girlfriend and I. I googled the downtown area, this place came up, and we stopped by the store during her lunch break. We told him exactly what we were looking for and he quickly showed us about 7 different laptops and had us review them. After about 5 min we wanted to demo two different types of laptops. At this time he was behind the counter giving us some space which I liked. We thoroughly compared the two computers side by side while he gave us an in depth comparison about both and explained some of the main features. He again gave us some space to test both laptops. We both decided on a HP ProBook instead of the larger HP. He again showed me and explained more about the lap top. He allowed us to pay in two transactions which made the boss (girlfriend) happy. We were back in our car within 20 minutes. Quotes
Mario B.
Chico, CA

Quotes Excellent service. My computer was fixed within 24 hours. Quotes
Steve B.
Sacramento, CA

Quotes I have been a P.C.and Lap Top user for over 12 years and Sac City computer hub has the best customer service that I have ever experienced .Being a small business owner in competitive area I cant be down long with computer problem's. Eddie has always been there for me and my business at all times,if there is a problem , Eddie is my first choice. Quotes
Randy B.
Rocklin, CA

Quotes So I came to see Ed probably back in May or June, and I must say that I was overwhelmed by all the help this man was able to offer. I had multiple severe problems with my 2005 Dell and in a day Ed was able to not only fix the problem, but educate me on why it was happening as well as what the prognosis was. Ed, thanks so much for all your help! At least now I know where to go if anything else goes wrong with any of my computers! Sac city computers was very inexpensive, Ed was extremely nice, and I would recommend this computer hub to anyone for any problem, first and foremost! Quotes
Zack P.
Sacramento, CA

Quotes Ed is a gem in Sacramento! Fair pricing , honesty, blazing fast service , these are all rare attributes in the computer service business. We have had all of our families laptops in to him at one time or another and recently purchased a used Dell . Do not even bother going anywhere else. Sac city computer hub rules! Quotes
Mike I.
Sacramento, CA

Quotes Wow! I just left Sac City computer's and what a great experience. My Wife's Panasonic Tough-book would not charge and I could not figure out why. I went to a box store and since they do not sell Panasonic laptops they were unable to help me. I came home, looked on-line, and found this store, Ed, the Owner, hooked up his generic power supply and the laptop started to charge and when I said that I would go on-line to get a replacement he made sure that I knew what to ask for. It took about 5 minutes. Great service! Great professionalism! If you have the need, I highly recommend this business! Quotes
Anthony W.
Sacramento, CA

Quotes I have been building computers for 20 years. I worked for NEC and I have never been around anyone as skilled or honest as Ed. If you want the best service at the most reasonable cost shop and do your repairs with Sac City Computers! Quotes
Dan D.
Sacramento, CA

Quotes My computer would not start and I took it to the shop. Ed was able to fix the computer very quickly and the price was excelent. Now the computer is working well and I'm satisfied with the service Quotes
Nico N.
Sacramento, CA